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A Pan-African Cultural Exchange Sculpture Program which promotes the ideal of a Global African Community.

Our mission is to build communication within black communities and build connections and communication across Diaspora communities. Our unique approach is to produce a site specific sculpture through a social network of international students, artists, cultural leaders and media led by the local African / African Descendants working in concert with Diaspora Community members across the globe. Our focus is on the narrative initiated at the beginning of the Atlantic Slave Trade to the current African experience within our communities. Each sculpture project will present and educate the public on the condition of the local African community. A distillation of the local historic & contemporary dialogue of African and African Descendant experience within the greater Diaspora narrative. We support Black artists who speak bravely, who are unafraid, and who stand in solidarity. Artists who call on us to change the way we see ourselves and one another. Together we look to disrupt the status quo of today’s social, political, economic and cultural conditions. In addition to uplifting Black artists, the Global Diaspora Community Sculpture Project serves as a connection point to educate our communities on the intersection of art, culture, and politics. Combining Cultural Exchange and Public Art Installations, we will change the landscape within our communities, empower and inspire new realities. We will achieve these goals through partnerships with established educational programs, associations and businesses.

Working Model

We partner with local artists and cultural leaders to distill their local community’s history. Engage local artists, students & youth to give form to their community sculpture. Partner the participants with other artists in the African continent and across the Diaspora. Provide the educational workshop from which the completed sculpture will be produced. Through our partnerships & support it is possible to continue to develop and implement these high publicly visible programs which provide:

  • Dynamic projects and educational programming in:
    • Cultural Exchange across the global Diaspora
    • Community Public Art Sculpture Installations
    • Give a voice to black communities
    • Maintain the dialogue on Racial Injustice and Institutional Racism in the Public Arena and Media
  • Ability for local industry to assist in the support and development of their community
  • Media exposure for partner, participants and recipients alike

It is my hope that together with a commitment to help educate across the globe about this vital and dynamic issue. Using the fundamentals of socially responsible activism we choose to nurture artists, guiding them on how to work with dignity, love and freedom, to become progressive leaders of tomorrow.